Get it Done Right the First Time New Dental Technology Saves You Time and Money

If You Need a Crown on One or More Teeth, You Need to Check This Out

Cost is Often a Deterrent to Getting Needed Dental Crowns

Did you know 40% of dental patients choose not to proceed with treatments they need, often due to the cost?

One fairly expensive treatment both in terms of time and money is getting a new crown on teeth that are damaged or worn down.

However, Sydney dentist, Smile Makeover Expert Glebe, is pioneering a revolutionary dental procedure that can perform a crown procedure in one visit, at half the cost.

And that is how the new technology got its name – One Visit Crown often shortened to OVC3

An OVC3 crown differs from traditional crown restoration treatments because the OVC3 crowns are pre-fabricated and come in 5 sizes. The dentist chooses the best size for your tooth and easily shapes the pre-fabricated crown to fit your tooth. The whole process takes approximately 40 minutes so you walk out after one appointment with a new crown. (See video)

One Visit Crown Vs Traditional Crowns

Dr. Andrew Lee, partner at Smile Makeover Expert Glebe, says “OVC3 Crowns look good, they are strong and robust and last well over time”

So why are they so much cheaper than a traditional Porcelain crown?

A simple analogy is; an OVC3 crown is like buying a suit off the rack verses having one tailor made. Rhondium, the maker of OVC3 has worked out that there are basically 5 sizes of crowns regularly used and they have been able to produce these in quantity, thus reducing the cost.

“We stock all five sizes and use a sizer to determine which one you need for your crown.” Says Dr. Lee. “Each crown is hygienically packaged and you will see us open the packet and remove the crown before we use it.”

When the dentist installs the crown, they shape it to make it a perfect fit before they harden it. The whole process takes approximately 40 minutes and does not require any anaesthetic as there is no pain.

Aesthetically, no one will see that you have a crown, it looks just like a normal tooth and can be coloured to match your existing teeth.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to book a free consultation.

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